Every person is unique and so are their experiences of working with me. 

Here are a few excerpts from their messages after sessions that made my heart sing;

" ...I am already feeling so much more in control of how I want to feel. I'm able to decide to feel relaxed and happy... I feel like I can determine my happiness moment to moment and I feel like I'm welcoming more of what I want in life! Thank you so much for all of your help and support..." O., actor

"...Thank you for being a lighthouse." A., actor

"...I feel like I've put on a new outfit that I always had inside of me and I just didn't know about. Thank you for helping me open my eyes and see with my heart. You're amazing. The time that you spent with me prepared me for a very stressful situation and it is something that I carry with me all the time now. Thank you is such a tiny word. You have literally helped me change my life..." D.

"...after only one session I felt a deeper understanding of my self that I could access and take further..." J. visual artist

"…helped me release the constraints I had placed upon myself…", D. entrepreneur

"... a big shift after this, primarily around negative ruminations. I had a lot less of these after our sessions, which made a big difference to me and helped me enjoy my work more. 

..They (tools) were real gems and I found them so useful to bring into my vocabulary, and the more I work with them the more they help me." J. artist and entrepreneur

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