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the origins

elements and factors,

always evolving

always originating

the cycles of water

up and down

from thick, stable soil

and etherial, elusive sky;

self-birthing, self-raising,

self-falling, self-rising,

self-recreating... above so below...

a paradise in the centre


always creating itself anew

from within the eye of a storm

counting on one constant

in times of change:

the gravity

as a sweet embrace

can not root in one place

what is made of space,

of water and fragrant dust


...personal inner gym (movement within) expressions of one who likes to imagine and notice good feeling scenes and stories (hence addiction to carrying a pen, paper notebook and a camera everywhere with her since childhood ) ... and plays with paints with reckless abandon...


... likes connecting with others who believe / know that "what is in focus - grows" and thus savour positive aspects of life even in challenging times...

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