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Lights in the Dark Nights

When all seems like a mess...

This is the purpose of “the dark night”...

This is

what the “contrast” that feels like a negative experience brings…

It comes in to clarify the authentic desire…

The “dark night of the soul” is not of the Soul, but the mind that through the darkness finally allows… “surrenders” to the light of the Soul and turns toward the clarified Direction.

Confusion, pain, sense of loss... all contrasting materials that help in clarification of the next authentic step… a step that leads the individual to recognise her/his own path in the midst of painful confusion - accumulation of efforts to fit in… stretched in many directions that are not her/his own but consequences of listening to well-meaning nudges towards fitting in, shaping into moulds that to a free spirited creatives bring no well for she/he is to innovate…

December apparently brings the sense of “dark nights” to many, literally and metaphorically.

It’s a questioning time, re-evaluating time…

It’s a great opportunity for wrapping up a calendar year with one “resolution”, only.

To be more authentic, more true to Self.

And maybe one more:

To get to know the inner light better and allow that inner guidance to nudge the next step…

…and the next….

…and the next…

Wishing all

Merry Christmas <3

and <3

A Happy New year <3

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