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Ad Hoc online RESET sessions

“Where focus goes, energy flows.”

A Reset session came out as a result of years of research and experimenting with various therapeutic and coaching techniques* with intention to make a selection of those that can work both on their own and in combinations with other relevant methods to produce immediate results and are simple to apply in most situations and environments when a quick stress release and change of focus is needed and wanted.

Makes sense?

This Reset session aims to help on the spot. For example, when one finds oneself in a very pressured day schedule and wants to be as calm and collected and positively focused as possible; unexpectedly long yet important meetings or conferences, sudden rush of overwhelming physical or emotional discomfort over upcoming assignment / performance, stress related aches and pains in the office**, or when one just wants to feel a little better, to move on with more defined directed focus and positive expectations about a certain subject…

Depending on the current state of the individual, the session can last from only a few minutes to an hour and can include a variety of simple and effective techniques to help relax tensed muscles, to improve focus on a desired vision or a goal and/or to raise energy levels.

All my Reset session clients need is a good wi-fi connection (Skype, Viber or in some cases phone is enough) from wherever they are. No booking days or weeks in advance, no payments for a hour long session if only what they need is a few min of time with me. They get assistance at the time they want it, just sending a text message with a request and waiting for a reply with instructions when to call.

The Reset session is for those who know that once they release the tension and sharpen their focus in the right direction,

they’ll be back to their empowered state or In the Zone.

*Many of these techniques (mostly a combination developed on a basis of NLP and life coaching principles, TfH neurolymphatic facilitated and/or self administered massage, tapping and many other) have been successfully used in my coaching practice and they are continually being developed and are always adjusted to the individual with whom I am working at the specific moment.

** In relation to physical tension and stress related aches and pains, in a relaxed state one’s body gets into what Dr Herbert Benson, founder of the Harvard’s Mind / Body Medical Institute calls a Relaxation Response, which with regular practice allows regaining overall mind-body balance.

To apply for these sessions one must be over 21 years of age, independent individual who is capable of a healthy, self-beneficial discernment and takes full responsibility for her or his own wellbeing (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial health and safety in all aspects of life. These sessions can feel therapeutic (reducing/resolving stress related aches and pains, for example) but they are not meant to replace any kind of therapy or medical advice.

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