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After releasing an uncomfortable emotional charge of past experiences

An unpleasant experience from the past can hold one back from living in the moment and moving forward. There can be as many ways to release and let go of the unpleasant past experiences as there are people on this planet. Some will do in on their own, some will do it with a help of others. For some it will take minutes, for some more. Depends on the person and the level of emotional charge related to the particular experience.

Some theories, research and experiments keep telling us that our brain doesn’t really make a distinction between what is played in our mind and what is going on physically which, in relation to this topic, means our body will react to both, following signals from the brain*, i.e. if one is remembering or replaying any past experience in their mind, the effect on the body is inevitable in terms of a relevant stress response.

One of the most important parts to remember after using any technique or whatever way to release the emotional charge from the past experience, is to not keep revisiting the memory even if the emotional charge about it is no longer present.

Some of us in some phases of our lives, just want a quick magic trick that will change a perspective. Well, the thing is “tricks” like that do exist but so does one’s free will to keep making changes.

One’s focus determines the Direction. Each of us is free to choose the focus, the Direction in Life, the meaning we assign to experiences.

Leave past to the past. Literally. Otherwise, what can happen (no matter how relieved and wonderful one feels after the release ), if one keeps talking about the particular experience they will keep it alive and slowly get back into, a slightly different than before, but still unpleasant version of the experience.

If the environment brings impulses to revisit the memory, be quick in passing through it keeping your focus on an inspiring subject. If other people start talking and questioning about that particular personal experience, let them know it is a past for you and talk about how strong you are now. Now, now, now.

Be determined about your emotional freedom even if others are persistent to remind you for a while. If they want to let go, your presence and your example will guide them and they’ll find their own way of letting go once they are ready. You can’t force their own liberation (especially if secondary or hidden benefits are present:.

Let past be past, focus on what matters to you now ( put your new found freedom into a good use ), create a presence you like and look forward to more of the good life that is in front of you. **

With love.


A research I had read about in teenage days pretty much set up the pathway to my ever increasing interest in the matters of the mind, in the workings of the brain and how we can influence our physical body just by a thought: Australian psychologist Alan Richardson created a study involving professional basketball players and their improvement in free throws. The players were divided in three groups. Group A practiced free throws, group B visualised practicing it and group C was a control group who did no kind of practicing free throws during the study. Both A and B group practiced for the same amount of time (20 minutes every day for 20 days). The results showed that the group A improved by 24% and the group B by 23%. Only 1% difference!

Another study on physical and mental practice comparison:


I suggest looking into work of Rick Hanson, Norman Doidge, Joseph Murphy, Tony Robbins, Richard Bandler, Mario Martinez, Gary Craig… (this list could go on and on…)

** As many of my writings here, so is this one written as a reminder and suggestions for one particular person and her specific release we worked on. For others it just may be inspiring as every person is unique (no one-fit-all recipes).

If this is your first time on this website, please note that writings on this website, as well as AK Inner Gym training is suitable only for individuals who are aware that they are capable, able and willing to make their own decision and who take full responsibility for their own wellbeing (mental, emotional, physical, financial health and safety).

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