Drawings and Paintings


... flowing roots in the skies...


     As I scribble everywhere, anytime, so I draw, doodle, direct the paint flow or move any tool I have available at the moment on any surface available at that same moment... 


     And as with writing, more often than not, it’s an intuitive process I use for my own self-care, (self-clarification).


     It is about the moment, the process of flowing with the inner drive... And I photograph (with the nearest tool which is usually my mobile phone ) parts of the processes at the moments the image is sparking some good feelings / discovering forms and hues that bring insights, reveal some new meanings of situations about which I wanted clarifications. And I keep adding, changing, and often letting go of it, dissolving the entire image into something new ( gessoing / painting over it ).


    So many other elements are visible on these photographs that usually wouldn’t be in the picture offered for public viewing (parts of brush hairs stuck in paint, for example), but in this process they are part of the raw moment, as they were when captured.


    The process is what matters to me and I was delightfully surprised when some of my friends told me about the energy and feelings that spark for them while looking at some of those images and how matching they were to what I felt in the process of creating them.


     Even though that may be only because they know me well, I decided to make these processes part of this website, too, because there might be a chance someone, sometimes will find a glance at them beneficial. Maybe some who allow themselves to feel "the goodies within" can feel the relaxing or invigorating, insightful, inspiring free movements of energies I was experiencing during the process. 


    And yes, trees and waters are often the inspiration here... Roots in the skies...

Currently showing a few of the recent favourite moments / parts of processes ( Autumn/Winter 2020 ). 



Pot of gold

Pot of gold found in the cave are golden spices to warm up in the Winter.

Still flowing

Reminding myself how many times Life has shown me that with stillness in the flow former stoppers become clarifiers and accelerators. But first the flow must be allowed... And sometimes, both stillness and allowing of the flow for me start with a pen or some paint ...

Woods and waters

When woods and waters meet and create...new worlds.

Portals in a grove

Portals in a grove. Groves. Small havens, entrances.

Entrance into Winter

Into the woods, into the woods...


Something too close, something too far away, something just right.

Above and Beyond

Imagination invokes feelings. Feelings create experiences. Above and beyond.


Through, from the outside. Within, from the inside. From one, many worlds.

It's never done

Petals taken off the stem create new individual worlds yet continue being a flower. It's never done.

Amethyst hill

Amethyst hill

Points of view

What is, is merely a point of view, a meaning assigned, an angle of light, a play of comparison... Yet, it is an experience. Sweet options, dear choices...

Roots in the clouds

Roots in the skies. Moving with the clouds.

Gate keepers

Gate keepers.

A woman in the forest

A woman seeking answers walks into a forest. A projection appears - her own inner guidance in a fairy-like form of a calm wizard's face.

Energy of trees

Two trees energy of One with another they are three and still as One

Up there

Up there is here when let be ...


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