Individual (online)

creative workshops for women


playful support in times dedicated to relaxation


so it is more creative and fun 


and may result in inspiring greater resourcefulness (stress and pressure management) in challenging times, improve concentration when sharper focus is desired and support in maintaining positive attitude and optimism in various life circumstances


    Each workshop is an individual process* (online or face to face) adapted to current circumstances of the individual (or a small group).


    Sometimes, the accent is put on various relaxation exercises that can include guided contemplations and visualisations.


    Sometimes, we walk and talk about relaxing topics and have fun practices intended to sharpen focus. Sometimes we include favourite dance movements, or we write, or we draw.


    Sometimes, we are deliberately engaged in exaggerating positive aspects of a certain experience while finding own inner balance between “dystopian and utopian” perceptions circulating around us. It’s a playful experience.


    We create new stories and change perceptions, placing a magnifier on dreams and desires we intend to experience while deliberately letting go of what we can not change and changing what we can.


    It is about a playful experience! 


    At these workshops we sometimes get into that childlike mood of believing in magic and miracles ( even though we allow that both “magic” and “miracle” are merely different words for continuous focusing, positive beliefs and expectations and inspired actions ). We reset into a “default settlings” that support us in finding sense and life-affirming meaning in various life circumstances and we see them as new opportunities for clarifications of personal preferences, deeper inner peace and joy.


    These workshops are intended for relaxation, entertainment and creative expressions while aiming at supporting awareness about individual inner resourcefulness and thus mainly suitable for individuals who already have personal experiences on how perceptions, attitude, thoughts, emotions and beliefs influence life experiences.**


     Contact for details or to apply.


     In the meantime, these short video clips might be something to enjoy. 

* Many of the exercises are based on a selection of methods and techniques I have been studying and practicing in the past 20 years which can all be placed under a general name of "personal development". They have been effective in my personal experience and to others in various times, however, these workshops are neither intended to serve as a representation of any approach, method or technique in particular, nor to amend or to replace any other assistance from friends or professionals. No advice is offered, only suggestions and intuitive guidance intended for a playful and creative relaxation.


** Intended for self-aware individuals who take full responsibility for their own wellbeing and apply self-beneficial discernment of the offered content.