Creative workshop 

This workshop, as well as entire AK Inner Gym, is for the creatives with growth mindset who want to explore more...

So, explore more… More of what? 

More use of their imagination to have more fun and ease in their lives... More practice of good feeling thoughts / energy / vibration.... More exploration of who they are and what they are capable of... More awareness and experience of how powerful their minds are, more of good moments... More insightful inspiration for their own creativity in managing any situation...

More of the art of change.... Change in focus towards a Desired Direction.


Sometimes, for some individuals, a particular change can feel like a magical shift, but in time they realise how all the magic is related to the innate ability of a conscious, self-aware, healthy human being to deliberately create and own personal experiences. 


What can this workshop help with? More self-awareness, more confidence, more practice of aligning up with that unique vision you have for your life, your work, your business, more satisfying moments in the journey…? All of that and - you’ve guessed right - more.


One could say that this workshop is about living a fulfilling life regardless of the current circumstances (and they eventually change due to steady focus and positive attitude which brings different decisions which then create a different future - as you know).


Feeling good now is the essence of the work we do here by using various tools appropriate for the relevant phase (more focusing on Desired Direction, more meditation, more relaxation, more exploration of one's unique vision of life, more guided visualisations, more and more ways to feel good in the present...) .


Feeling good is something individuals who are aware of their innate abilities can achieve in any circumstances by changing the focus, by taking full control of their emotions, their beliefs, their energy.


And with someone who will help them explore their creativity, their strengths and innate wisdom and then keep reminding them on those through various "guided tours" (tour through current circumstances with intensive focus on positive aspects and desired future direction / vision) on their journey, it just gets easier. 


The important thing is that those who spend majority of time in such attitude and such empowering state of mind, they experience that the mental / energetic /emotional stability brings results in their physical world, as well. All in good time.


Why? Surely for reasons some of us still have troubles understanding with our logical minds; brain’s R.A.S? Faith? The famous, controversial (depending how one understands it) Universal Law Of Attraction? 


Let’s just say that an individual is more aware of her or his options and makes better decisions when feeling calm, when feeling good.

And a relaxing conversation, guided visualisation, imagination spreading creative writing and/or drawing, fun and energising physical movements and other AK Inner Gym exercises are created exactly for that reason - to feel good, to maintain positive attitude, to create your own priceless piece of art, Art of Feeling Good.


This workshop comprises of playful (yes, this is not for those who aren’t allowing a bit of playfulness in their lives)) exercises through which one can get immediate results of positive change, which in time brings more… More steadiness in goodness. More inspired action. More fulfilling moments. 


More practice brings more awareness on one’s potential to deliberately create personal experiences. 

Here and now, forward looking.


This workshop can be done one with one or in small groups online or in person, on some occasions. As every person is unique so is this work. Some may want only one intensive session every once in a while, some may benefit more with several easy going ones. Part of the workshop is a Reset session which can be utilised at any time, after at least two hours of Creative workshop. Each Creative workshop session is adjusted to the individual, including timing and duration of every session.


If the above resonates with you and your current phase in life and you believe it would be beneficial for you, you can send an e-mail (subject: Creative workshop) with a short info about yourself and what you would like to experience through this workshop. 


"Whether you think you can 

or you think you can't,

you are right."

Henry Ford

This workshop, this Inner Gym is for those who think, believe and know they can - 

dream more inspiring dreams, live more fulfilling, more satisfying life.

To apply for these sessions one must be over 21 years of age, independent individual who is capable of a healthy, self-beneficial discernment and takes full responsibility for her or his own wellbeing (mind-body, economy, etc health and safety in all aspects of life). This work is not suitable for those who are looking for therapy or for an advice of how to live their lives. Everyone should take all mind-body exercises as suggestions and each person is to make their own discernment whether and when it feels applicable in their own life.

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