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Any work of mine (private sessions, creative workshops, written exercises / articles, inspirational stories, etc.) are intended to be a support in self-discovery for independent, open-minded individuals who are capable of a healthy, self-beneficial discernment and who take full responsibility for their own wellbeing (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, health and safety in all aspects of life). Some work can feel therapeutic (reducing/resolving stress related aches and pains, for example) but they are not to be considered a therapy nor they are meant to replace any kind of therapy or a medical advice. 


This Inner Gym of mine today would be best placed under a category "Arts and Entertainment". Art is about inspiration, sensitivity to / focus on certain subjects, persistence in developing a talent / interest, determination, well practiced skills, joy in sharing insights and experiences... Entertainment is about relaxation, positive expectations, fun, playfulness...I would like you to think of my Inner Gym as a playful, relaxing workshop, a "supplement" more than a "necessity", an inspiration rather than a motivation. 


Inner Gym

with Antonia Kavas

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