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  A.K. Innergym 

nurturing creative inner peace 

... because we know ...

"The World is full of magic,
patiently waiting for our senses to grow



       First time here and we don't know each other?  Welcome to my little online oasis. 

       I use this space for a variety of purposes and one of them is to share some of my creations with friends and with those whose current phase in life resonates with the content  I offer here. If you are one of them* - enjoy. You may find :

~ part of the content I create as a support in nurturing the experience of ( creative ) inner peace ~

~ some stories that reveal themselves while I am  playing with ink and paint  (part of my "relax  / let go / reset / allow Life Energy flow" practice/ritual ~ 

~ some of my photographs and writings created while contemplating or observing expressions of harmony, creativity and resourcefulness around me (to serve as reminders in challenging times) ~

Sunny greetings,


       * Self-reliant, self-aware individuals who take full responsibility for their own wellbeing and apply self-beneficial discernment of the offered content ( esp. related to the guided focus practices presented through video creations or in any other form - to be a support in relaxation, entertainment and used as an inspiration for creative personal development and is neither intended for therapeutic use nor as a replacement for such kinds of professional services)

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