I am ...



... writing, photographing, drawing, painting, engaging in various other "-ings" that involve imagining and experiencing a kind of Life that is always evolving and expanding in its benevolence.

... here and now, forward looking ...


...  an individual with a life long passion for focusing on the bright side of life, exploring human potential to expand and enhance the experience of well-being (researching and testing various spiritual and scientific theories, philosophies,... ).

Those who are familiar with the notion of being a Highly Sensitive Person* may figure out where this passion is coming from. For a while the exploration was about finding "tools" for surviving intense moments of sensitivity and unbalanced empathy ("fixing / saving the world complex"). 

 Today, I understand life in a different way as I manage my sensitivities and my perceptions and focus differently.  

After almost 20 years** of various engagements in supporting individuals and organisations in areas of arts, cultural and social entrepreneurship in Croatia and then working as a coach in the UK, I decided to make some significant changes as a few "awakening" challenges in my personal life in the latest years indicated I wasn't really "walking my talk" - while supporting others in their self-care, I neglected my own. 


Since that realisation, I've changed some of my old beliefs and I've been doing my best to simplify my life which currently means living in a remote place in the Mediterranean mountains and dedicating more time to the two of my creative expressions, favourite since childhood: photography (which since recently includes making short Relax - Reset video creations as reminders for myself and as one of the  tools for others who resonate with such approach ) and writing. Maybe more than just two. There is also drawing and painting.

I am writing more than ever before - creating poems, essays and short stories inspired by actual life experiences. Even some novels I started years ago are getting my attention again... 

Some of my writings about various relaxation and focus techniques I've learned or created, I will be publishing on this site, which will include sharing some personal experiences in managing various circumstances.


So, even though I have given up my previous practice of coaching as a practitioner of various relevant methods / techniques or being an active participant in ( what at the time I believed were) various worthy causes, I am still involved in many similar areas as before (especially on the subject of the power of the mind), just in a different way. More personal, more "authentic me".

And now it is no longer from "a need to help / save / improve" but for the joy of sharing.

* Even though I am not a fan of "labels", at that time it was a relief to find out there are more people out there who experience everything in and around them with extreme intensity ( so I felt less of a "weirdo" - maybe ;).


Work experience in project management, PR, event organising, English to Croatian translations (literature, films, documentaries), radio (editor and presenter), photography and coaching

( UK certified practitioner of NLP, TfH energy kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, Psych-K, Life coaching, training in various other therapeutic-coaching techniques / methods ).

... and looking forward ...


My other life passions include inspiring books and music, fun conversations… Long walks... Trees... stones…

Dancing. Dancing. Dancing. Moving with music and lyrics. Three favourites in one...

I love creativity and innovation in many fields; be it in any artistic expression (music, film, literature...) or technology and science, if it brings more expansion of good; comfort, beauty, hope, joy, ease, fun, inspiration… and if it enhances the experience of wellbeing on this beautiful planet of ours