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Bits about...

Professional life

- former work experience in project management, PR, event organising, English to Croatian translations (literature and films), radio (editor and presenter), photography, writing, supporting cultural and social entrepreneurship, helping others in self-care,

in re-discovering their innate wisdom and creativity in managing various challenges

( certified practitioner of NLP, TfH energy kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, Psych-K, Life coaching, attended courses / trainings for several other therapeutic-coaching techniques / methods ). 

Even though I was working as a coach for several years in the UK, today I don't consider myself to be a coach in a classical sense, but some of my work can still be referred to as coaching due to the no-advice-only-suggestions-and-guidelines approach I prefer when supporting others in re-connecting with their innate wisdom.

While my coaching practice is currently put aside I am still doing more research in the same field but dedicating more time to writing and photography (which since recently includes making short Relax - Reset video creations .

More ...

Personal life

...  an individual with a life long passion for exploring human potential to expand and enhance the experience of well-being (researching and testing various theories, philosophies, arts... ).

Those who are familiar with the notion of being a Highly Sensitive Person ( even though I am not a fan of "labels", it was a relief to find out there are more people out there who experience everything in and around them with extreme intensity ), may figure out where this passion is coming from (for a while the exploration was about finding "tools" for surviving intense moments of sensitivity and unbalanced empathy, a need more than a passion). 

I would say my optimism ( bordering with stressful idealism plus a "need" to help others even often at my own detriment ) in the past was a coping mechanism, while today it is a conscious choice of life direction (idealism and obsession with "helping at any cost" are filtered out ) . 

I like to think I have managed (for most of the time) to turn my sensitivities into an asset.

As in everything, "magic" is in the deliberate focus. 


Focus on the bright side helped me walk and grow through challenging moments and today I enjoy sharing various tools (with ad hoc adaptations) and help those with whom my approach resonates, to live life with more ease

... and a bit more ...


My other life passions include inspiring books and music, fun conversations… long walks... trees... stones… I love innovation in many fields; be it in any artistic expression (music, film, literature...) or technology and science, if it brings more expansion of good; comfort, beauty, hope, joy, ease, fun, inspiration… and if it enhances the experience of wellbeing on this beautiful planet of ours

And you? What brings you here?

      Instagram as my online journal to record significant, inspiring moments...

 Clicking on a photograph gives opportunity to read the description of the particular moment...


Disclaimer / Small print / Instructions for use / Guidelines for smooth interactions...

Any work of mine (private sessions, creative workshops, written exercises / articles, inspirational stories, etc.) are intended to be a support in self-discovery for independent, open-minded individuals who are capable of a healthy, self-beneficial discernment and who take full responsibility for their own wellbeing (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, health and safety in all aspects of life). Some work can feel therapeutic (reducing/resolving stress related aches and pains, for example) but they are not to be considered a therapy nor they are meant to replace any kind of therapy or a medical advice. 


This Inner Gym of mine today would be best placed under a category "Arts and Entertainment". Art is about inspiration, sensitivity to / focus on certain subjects, persistence in developing a talent / interest, determination, well practiced skills, joy in sharing insights and experiences... Entertainment is about relaxation, positive expectations, fun, playfulness...I would like you to think of my Inner Gym as a playful, relaxing workshop, an "supplement" more than a "necessity", an inspiration rather than a motivation.