Inner Gym

with Antonia Kavas

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Welcome to A.K. Inner Gym



A gym in which relaxation is the main warming up exercise

and a playful practice of focus on desired Life Direction (goals / experiences) is the essence of the workout.

Light mind-body exercises, focusing techniques to practice the inner "core muscles” with intention to

 utilise the ability to deliberately sustain focus in positive direction

-  to control personal impressions / internal response  in various circumstances ( pressure management, stress prevention and reduction )

-  to enhance imagination and creativity

-  to get back "in the Zone" with more ease...

A quick breather. 
Any time, any place.
Relax * Reset * Re-energise

Whatever one's current intention / desire / goal is, allowing time for a rejuvenating relaxation, an insightful contemplation or a bit of a playful visualisation can help one discover more ways to align with one's highest creative potential and to be more aware of the control one has over the personal experiences / emotional states / responses /impressions / feelings in any circumstances.

Relax to Reset video creations are short video clips with visual, auditory and/or written suggestions / guidelines to inspire and support relaxation and contemplations on positive aspects of life for self-aware individuals, (capable of taking full responsibility for their own well-being and a healthy self-beneficial discernment of the offered content), who like occasional suggestions and reminders on various ways to relax, to focus on good feeling thoughts and experiences, to gain (and maintain) positive momentum, so they can reset or tune in / tap into their own inner resources with more ease. 


Some video creations are meant to be utilised during short breaks, as a "breather", to support a more effective use of a few moments one allows to relax, refresh, re-energise (i.e. to reset and get back in the Zone / the flow). 

There are also video creations that involve an active participation from a viewer to be more beneficial. They include various simple guidelines and suggestions ( "A.K. Inner Gym" exercises adjusted for this platform) with intention to be an extra support for the mindful, self-accountable individuals when exploring various ways to deal with topics, such as;  self-care, self-awareness, better focusing / concentration, pressure and stress prevention, management and relief,  enhancing imagination and creativity,  and various other, all in interest of developing their own potential in leading a conscious, creative, fulfilling life, in general.