Welcome to my online studio where I share some of my writings, photographs and paintings and some practices that help me in focusing in positive direction, in nourishing and enhancing positive attitude and optimism.

         My desire is that some of this content can be supportive to someone, sometimes, in staying focused ( I often use focus as another word for magic) on positive aspects of life.

         I believe that trust in the general benevolence of Life and confidence that everything is always happening for some greater good are intuitive, innate, “default settings” in human beings from which we function as little children, but many times we get accustomed to something different through life, giving different meanings to various circumstances, which directs our focus and our actions into different individual experiences and then it is about reminding ourselves and practicing to master living from that point of view, again - because we have personal evidence of its validity (“where focus goes energy flows”). 


    Sometimes short reminders are needed, a quick “breather” to realign and reconnect with our own inner guidance, and sometimes a bit more, depending on the level of neglect of our intuition.


    Such realignment practice is a conscious, intentional choice and art (and craft!) - individual and unique to each person.


    So, this artwork of mine is just one of the ways.


     I am not here to teach or preach or to convince but to share and enhance my own and the wellbeing experiences of those with whom such attitude towards life and this kind of practice resonates.


    There are times, when encountering overload of negativity, fear, despair, pessimism i dystopian stories one looks for small havens of support to rest and to refresh, to recuperate, to reset. 


    May this website be one of such light, playful havens for both a support when a little bit of a creative “breather” reminder is wanted and for enhancing the feel-good momentum and celebrating the beauty, diversity, creativity of Life, so we each, in our own way keep on creating anew - individual contributions that keep enhancing Life in a feel-good direction.


    In the Now

    Forward looking

    Looking forward

    to creative experiences


    with love,


. . . 

"Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack, a crack in everything

That's how the light gets in."

                                                    L. Cohen