A.K. Inner Gym


A "gym" in which relaxation is the main warming up exercise

and a playful practice of singular focus is the essence of the workout.

A quick breather. 
Any time, any place.
Relax * Reset * Re-energise
Business Growth

Business Growth

Team High Five

Team High Five

London Reflections

London Reflections

Outdoor Aerobics

Outdoor Aerobics

Relax to Reset video creations are short video clips with visual, auditory and/or written suggestions / guidelines created with intention to serve as a light support in relaxation and focus / concentration practice for self-aware individuals, (who take full responsibility for their own well-being and a healthy self-beneficial discernment of the offered content), who like occasional suggestions and reminders on various ways to relax, to focus on good feeling thoughts and experiences, to gain (and maintain) positive momentum, so they can reset or tune into their own inner resources with more ease


Some video creations are intended as a light, entertaining support during short breaks (a "breather"), and some invite for an active participation.

The latter include various simple guidelines and suggestions   ("A.K. Inner Gym" exercises adjusted for this platform), just like various stories and articles do, and can be a support when exploring various ways to enhance; self-care, self-awareness, creativity, imagination, focusing / concentration, pressure management, stress prevention / relief, conscious control of internal response / personal experience in various circumstances, etc.


"The World is full of magic,

patiently waiting for our senses

to grow sharper."             


Inner Gym

with Antonia Kavas

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